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Outside Horse Ticket Hall + Event Building Hotel 2 Facilities.

¥18 billion Yen

Kyoto and Osaka hotels 9 hotels ¥ 9.5 billion Yen

Other projects

1. Succession of business of famous mountain hut with profit in famous national park
2.Business succession of a hotel in Karuizawa, a newly-built, surplus-managed building
3. Succession of the most beautiful ranch business in the Kanto region
4.Business succession of beautiful golf course in Hokkaido
5, annual sales about 18 billion yen Succession of business of real estate company in Tokyo
6,200 tsubo Sale of Tateshina Kogen Onsen Hotel with ownership of 800 million yen
7. Land: 1 minute on foot from Yushima Station 50 tsubo 400 million yen
8.Business succession of hotel operator company: 150 million yen
9.Hakone Town, Kanagawa Prefecture Luxury hot spring resort hotel 4.7 billion yen
10.Succession of AI robot development company business 6 billion yen
11.Business succession of IT company 5 billion yen
12. New construction tentative name Nihonbashi Suitengu Hotel 1.82 billion yen (tax included) 59 rooms
13. New construction tentative name Ryogoku Hotel 1,530 million yen (tax included) 55 rooms
14, Lake Towada, 3 sightseeing boats & Lake Towada dock 50 million yen

Number 1 Kyoto Famous Temple Acquisition Project

Acquisition price 4 billion yen

Number 2 Ramen chain store 41 stores (including Hong Kong store and Taiwan store)Consolidated to profitable stores and managed in the black.Clock tower of Sapporo tastePreviously, it was reduced to 550 million yen from 1 billion yen.