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All medicine is complementary medicine. ​
From artificial allopathy (allopathic medicine)
The ratio of modern medicine to other medicine in the world is 5:5
Comprehensive Complementary Medicine・

Comprehensive Complementary Medicine Clinic

Including health, beauty and regeneration

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Times have changed rapidly.


Japan's medical system lags behind the rest of the world by more than 30 years.
Catch up with the world with CCM (Comprehensive Complementary Medicine).
Consulting business for entrepreneurs, investors, and those with an entrepreneurial spirit.
Let's expand to the world Japan's CCM (Comprehensive Complementary Medicine) chain clinic
Call for participation from entrepreneurs and investors.

WHO: At the 74th World Health Assembly (WHA) 2021,
World Health Organization: World Health Assembly
For the first time in a WHA document, as a requirement of the Agenda for Promoting Patient-Centered Universal Health Care:
Naturopathic remedies were included directly.
2023, continuation of WHO strategy for traditional medicine (including complementary medicine) 2025 (formulation of new strategy from 2025)
The 76th WHA World Health Assembly in 2023 decided to continue until 2025 and the following decisions.
​At the same time, realign the health system towards primary health care as a strong foundation for universal health coverage.
“Everyone has access to appropriate health promotion, prevention, treatment and rehabilitative services at affordable costs.”
In the Alma-Ata Declaration of 1978
Based on realistic, scientifically valid and socially acceptable methodologies and techniques, universally accessible to individuals and families in the community through their full participation, and developed in a spirit of self-determination. Defined as essential health care that can be provided at a cost that communities and countries can sustain at all stages of life.
Not only modern medicine (allopathy) but also traditional, complementary (natural), integrated medical services, etc. will be publicly dealt with equally and fairly.
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